YouTube has shown a growth rate that is off the charts. YouTube, on average, reports four billion hits per day. This social video sharing platform is used more than Google as a search engine. The percentage of consumers that are searching for quick answers to their search inquiry seek out this information on YouTube. Why do YouTube videos appeal to such a large part of the population?

This is the generation of warp speed information access. Consumers do not want to wait a long period of time to have their questions answered. They turn to the Internet for suggestions on what to buy, what to wear, the news and to read reviews of every type of business. The days of advertising and spending marketing dollars offline are long gone. In order for a business to be cutting edge, they must have a social presence. More importantly, businesses need to have a strong presence on YouTube. How does a business get started on YouTube?

Setting up a YouTube account is simple and free. The first step is to set up a Gmail account. This is the email address that will be associated with your YouTube Channel. Don’t worry about choosing a specific Gmail account name. You may just be using this Gmail account for your YouTube purposes, so creating a Gmail account with a name you can remember and a strong password will suffice. Once your Gmail account is set up, it is time to claim your YouTube Channel. This is done by logging onto YouTube website, via your Gmail account and claiming your YouTube account. The third step is to name your YouTube Channel. Be very careful with the name that you give your channel, you won’t be able to change it once it is in their system. A good rule of thumb in naming your YouTube Channel is to use your business name or a variation of your business name. This will make it your channel search engine friendly. People will have a better chance of finding your channel or stumbling upon your channel if it is named properly. Now you are ready to fill in your profile.

A businesses profile is the most important part of their YouTube Channel. It is also one of the factors that is often overlooked. It is worth the time and energy to fill out the profile section properly. This will increase your ranking, make your channel more visible and search engine friendly. Keywords can be used effectively on your channel. They can be utilized in your channel description section of your profile. Think of your business description as your elevator pitch. Once your profile is set up, you will be able to explore all of the features that YouTube has to offer.

With four billion hits a day, YouTube is not a social platform that can be ignored. While creating a YouTube Channel may seem time-consuming, it is time well spent. You can customize many different settings to directly reflect your business. You can use keyword SEO to increase your visibility. The most important facet of YouTube is the interaction you will have with your customers and potential customers. Video has been proven to be the preferred way for consumers to access information. That is the reason it is crucial to give your target audience what they want. youtube social shares

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