The centuries-old technique of quilling (paper filigree) is a fun way to create elegant and fashionable jewelry using only paper! Paper quilling allows you to craft intricate designs with the look of copper, silver, and gold. These beautiful paper pieces are often used to decorate greeting cards, pictures, boxes, and even jewelry.

In the past, ladies would sit around and while away the hours with this wonderful art form. They would roll and curl the paper to create decorative shapes and patterns. It was a wonderful way to show off that they were accomplished women, able to while away the day with leisure activities.

While quilling can be intimidating, it is easy to learn. In this article, author Ann Martin will walk you through the basics of how to quill and then show you 20 gorgeous jewelry projects that you can make. These projects will give you the confidence to try your own variations on the design, creating an elegant piece of jewelry that is unique and completely you!

A paper quilling tool (about $3 at AC Moore), paper quilling strips, and glue is all you need to get started. You can also use a needle tool or a slotted tool. Some quillers don’t even use a tool, but it is very helpful for beginners.

Glue – Elmer’s clear school or craft glue that dries clear is recommended. Clay modeling tools are great for making ring coils and positioning them before applying the glue. Non-stick surface – use a Styrofoam tray or an acrylic sheet. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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